About Me

Born in Longview, Texas, raised in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana, Lori Ann Piscioneri has always had a willful desire for adventure. Growing up in the church, she started singing and performing for the congregation at age 3.  Her talent and creativity grew from Sunday School songs, plays and musical theater, training in dance (ballet, tap, jazz, and modern), to professional performances in opera, theater, recitals, and symphony halls.  Lori Ann aspired to teach and sing in the bigger cities, beginning in college at Stetson University (FL), grad school in Chicago (DePaul) and many other locations (Europe and US), while ultimately leading her to Los Angeles, where her love for filmmaking mixed with her performance and teaching skills.  She and her husband, Mike ‘Pish’ Piscioneri, began their production company Project Blackfish Productions in 2019, after many years of freelance projects for short film, stage shows, and musical reviews.  In pursuing all that God has for both of them, the journey continues as a true leap of faith.