We have arrived.

On the fifth day of our trek across the country, we arrived in Cleveland, Ohio. Exhausted yet energized, excited yet unsure, we unloaded our trailer and started this new adventure that God showed me in my dream. As I look back on the experiences we had in our trip, I am amazed at all God has been revealing to me.

First off, to have a dream, know it was from God, and to act on it is pretty remarkable. Within a week, we packed up and left Los Angeles (for now), our home for the last 16 years. We know without a doubt that we will be back.

Then we travelled over 2000 miles during a worldwide pandemic and encountered so many people along the way. We masked up and prayed out as we left Los Angeles, saw Las Vegas as a ghost town, experienced somewhat normal life in a rural city in Southern Utah, seemingly unaffected by covid-19, took in the beauty and majesty of Colorado and the affect of the virus in Denver and Kansas City, Kansas, and an even harder hit city, Indianapolis…then we finally arrived in Ohio.

View of downtown Cleveland, Ohio

When you arrive somewhere, chances are you have carefully planned, mapped it all out, Googled and Yelped.

To arrive is to complete the journey in a sense, to meet a goal or expectation toward something that you hope to attain. In Hollywood, I have heard it say that once you have success in your career, you have arrived.

In our case, this arrival to Cleveland is less certain, less planned out, less Googled or Yelped. For my husband, it is a bit of a homecoming, since he spent his growing up days here. For me, arriving to Cleveland feels like the beginning of the journey, certainly not the final destination. Yes, we trekked for 5 days across the US, knowing that God has something BIG for us here.

This new chapter in our lives is truly about LEAPING BEFORE LOOKING, trusting God is all aspects of life, and obeying His direction.

We don’t have it figured out. Only He knows how this part of the story will play out within the context of our life.

One of the first places we went in Cleveland was Murray Hill or what is known as Little Italy.

We have made a lot of memories there, everything from enjoying the food, shopping in the bakeries and wine shops, and playing at the playground across from Holy Rosary in the rain. Most places were closed when we went there in early May, but we were able to pick up some delicious cavatelli from one of our go-to restaurants, Mama Santa’s.

Italian heritage is huge here in Cleveland. It seems everyone has a connection to Italy from their ancestral line. There certainly is no shortage of pizza, pasta, or Italian specialty stores. I love that! Diving deeper into the Italian neighborhood of Collinwood, where my husband spent his childhood, is one of the reasons we are here.

Mayfield Heights Italian import store

Family is another reason. A big reason. After suffering so much loss this year, it is comforting to be around family.

For Italians, and probably most people, family is everything. And once you are in the family, no matter if your last name is the same or not, you are IN.

As we explore our new neighborhood and spend time with family (blood and extended), we are being obedient to God’s call on our life. Our arrival here is significant and although I wake up each day thinking about what I can do to further our story, I have peace knowing that we are going in the right direction.

My prayer for you is that as you arrive at whatever destination God is leading you to, that you also have peace and comfort in knowing you are on the right track.

Onwards and upwards! May His Will be done.

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