To Indy and Beyond

While on our cross country adventure during Covid-19, we spent the last night on the road in Indianapolis. We were tired, hungry, and just wanted to eat and pass out. We got to our hotel (which was under construction) and quickly looked up food places to get delivery. After several days of veggie burgers, bad fries, even worse burritos, and so many snacks I can’t name them all, I just wanted something healthy and different. Praise God we found nearby Japanese place that made veggie rolls, edamame, and miso soup…and they delivered!! So within 45 mins or so, we heard a knock on the door and our food had been delivered.

I barely caught a glimpse of the delivery guy, wearing his mask and gloves as he rounded the hallway corner, just after he set down the food. I realized that the coronavirus had hit hard in Indy. (Check HERE for the latest stats in Indiana.)

Wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the next morning, we went to the Indianapolis City Market, in search of coffee and pastries. The market was mostly empty, with only a couple of shops open: a bakery and a coffee counter.

Most of the shops were closed due to the pandemic, and as I asked the bakery owner about the impact of Covid-19, she told me that unfortunately, many of the shops in the market would not be able to reopen due to economic hardship. Being the supplier of baked goods to a few grocery stores and takeaway restaurants, her business would survive, but she did have to let a few employees go. She and her husband also owned the coffee shop and are thankful they have managed to keep their coffee manager on the payroll.

She shared with me an amazing story of a generous patron who had for at least 3 weeks in a row placed large orders from her bakery. This patron bought numerous pastries, muffins, and breads and dropped them off at various locations around the city, as an act of generosity not only to the business owner, but to her friends and family members who would enjoy them. I love this story and am encouraged by this act of generosity and love.

It makes me think about how each of us can do our part to help others during this time.

We put together gift bags for our neighbors in our apartment building in Koreatown in Los Angeles. We gave them toilet paper, water bottles, granola bars, and small packs of kleenex, items that would be helpful during this time. Two of them returned the favor with thank you notes and gift bags of their own. We were extremely grateful to receive some masks from one of our neighbors, as we desperately needed them and couldn’t buy them anywhere!

When we packed up our belongings, we decided to take only what we could fit in our car and a small trailer. We gave away all our furniture and whatever else we could. It has been such a blessing to get texts from the people who now have a desk, a bookshelf, a new vacuum, TV trays, gym equipment, dressers, and many other things that have little pieces of us in their homes.

Generosity leaves a big impact and blesses both parties – the giver and the receiver. The Bible says, “A generous person will proser; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

I certainly have experienced that firsthand!

Whatever you can do to bless someone else, to be generous and show love to your neighbor will be a huge blessing to you too! From the contactless delivery person who brought us food, to the patron who kept the bakery afloat, to the many other people we encountered along our journey, we experienced love and generosity. My prayer is that you have stories too!

I encourage you to leave a comment below, so that your story can be an inspiration for someone else.

Whether you have been the receiver or the giver or both, I pray many blessings over you and your family.

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, find ways to show love and generosity towards others. Let’s continue this LEAP together.

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