I Had A Dream

As the coronavirus pandemic struck the world early 2020, life changed drastically for all of us.  Once the city of Los Angeles was deemed “safer at home,” I was working from home, day in and day out – still am!   My husband Pish and I made the decision to spend more time seeking God so that He may show us exactly how to use this time most efficiently.  We both felt the pull to work our creative muscles more and decide our next steps for Project Blackfish Productions, our independent film production company we officially launched in 2019.  The timing was perfect for post-production on our short film The Slender Dwarf , as we had wrapped our cast and crew in early March.

I joined a Bible study on the Book of Psalms with some fellow staff members at Oasis Church LA.  I prayed with a group of friends daily and began to get more bold in how I was seeking God.  After a prompting to pray more diligently for creativity, I felt a nudge in my spirit about a TV project that has been on our development list for some time.  I shared the insight with Pish and then it happened.

I had a dream.

I remember vividly the bright, LA morning that I woke up with such clarity and excitement.  I immediately shared the dream with my husband, as it was all I could think about!

In the dream, I saw us both in Cleveland, Ohio, Pish’s hometown.  I saw us surrounded by his family members, diving into family matters, lending our hands to projects and bridging gaps in relationships. At this time, his mom was very sick and had been isolated from the family for some time.

Also in the dream, I saw very clearly how we were to tackle our next production project, a TV series set in an Italian immigrant neighborhood in the 60s/70s.  We were taking meetings with people, making plans, organizing thoughts, doing research, and essentially diving into this passion project.

I know this dream was God’s way of showing us our next steps and as Pish and I talked about it more, he felt the same.  As we prayed about it and began to share the dream with others, we received even more confirmation that the dream was from God.  We started making a timeline for the specifics in the dream to be a reality, but as we did, there was much more urgency than we anticipated.

It was like once we said ‘YES, this is from God’ and ‘YES, we are ALL IN,’ God moved up our timeline, and we felt the nudge to LEAP BEFORE LOOKING.

Within a few days, we made plans to pack up our apartment, give away whatever we could, rent a trailer to load up our essential belongings, and plan the drive across country.  Once this decision was made and everything was in motion, there was a breath of peace that overcame us both – even though there was a fast and furious rate in which we were operating.

When I shared all of this with our Pastor Julian Lowe, Oasis Church Los Angeles, he also confirmed God’s leading and commented to how he is seeing God working in and among His people during this time.  Julian specifically talked about gifts being awoken in the people of God, and I immediately recognized my dream as prophetic.

I have had a number of dreams in my lifetime, and often I remember them with such vibrancy.  And yes, sometimes my dreams are prophetic, meaning what I dream about usually comes true.  This dream showed Pish and me God’s plan for right now and gave us the steps to get to where He is leading us.

How many of you remember your dreams?  How many of you believe God speaks to you in your dreams?  And how many of you are willing to do what God is calling you to do?

I encourage you to keep a dream journal, so that when you do see how God brings your dream to life, you have a reference to the time you dreamt it.  And once you do dream it, pray about it, talk about it with people you trust, and say YES.


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